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Shure Information Committee discusses final report on ethical and professional controls regulating the new media

11 Jun 2019

The Information and Cultural Committee of Shura Council completed the report of its study on ethical and professional controls regulating the new media in the Sultanate, and decided to refer the report to the Council Bureau to be scheduled for discussion in the coming sittings of the Council.

Several results and recommendations were reviewed during the meeting which are expected to encourage all concerned bodies to play their roles to regulate professional and ethical practices made by the Committee after a number of meetings with various units.

    The members of the Committee affirmed the importance of the study to introduce regulatory environment to practice the new media in the Sultanate and limit the spread of rumours and misconducts against individuals and bodies in various new media platforms.
The study highlighted the status of the professional and ethical regulatory practices of new media in the Sultanate and reviewed experiments and similar Arab laws of the same. It also discussed the professional and ethical practices  of new media adopted by  the Ministry of Information, Omani Journalist Association, electronic newspaper websites, specialists from Information Technology Authority and academics from Sultan Qaboos University.
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