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Shura elected Bureau Members and Heads of Standing Committee

14 Nov 2019

Shura Council inaugurated its first ordinary sitting of the First Annual Session with the election of six members for bureau pursuant to article (48) of the internal regulations, which states that “
The Bureau shall consist of the Chairman, the two deputies, and six members to be elected by the Council by  a relative majority, for a half term, in the first sitting following inauguration of the session. If the seat of a member of the Bureau falls vacant for any reason, election of a substitute shall take place in the same manner within two weeks as from the date the seat falls vacant.”

Twenty-four members stood for the election of the membership of the bureau. The results of the election came as follows:
Jehad bin Abdullah Al Fanna (49 votes)
Malik bin Hilal al Yahamadi (41 votes)
Tahira bint Abdul Khaliq al Lawati (39 votes)
Abdullah bin Muslem al Rasbi (30 votes)
 Ahmed bin Nasser al Abri (29 votes)
 Ammar bin Salim al Saadi (27 votes)

On the agenda of the opening sitting, H.E. Ahmed Al Nadabi said that the first thing we do after the formation of the bureau and its committees, we will review the state budget for the year 2020.
He confirmed that the most prominent files and topics that require special attention from the government and the society include:  the national economy, diversification of sources of income, effects of the economic crisis and job seekers. He pointed out that they are very important and sensitive national issues that require special care from the Council, the Government and the society, despite the fact that the economic situation affected by the low oil prices is global.
Then, the members of the Shura Council went to the common halls of the Oman of Council to elect the heads of the committees and their deputies for half term.
 During the sitting, the members were briefed on the 2020 Draft State budget, which was referred by the Council of Ministers.
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