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Shura elects its Chairman and two Deputies

03 Nov 2019

The members of the Shura Council re-elected H.E. Khalid bin Hilal bin Nasser Al Ma'awali, representative of Wadi Al Ma'awal, as Chairman for the Ninth Term of the Council by an absolute majority, competing with other seven members.
The members also elected H.E. Abdullah bin Ali Al Amri, representative  of Sadah, as the first Deputy Chairman, with 59 votes from the total number of votes, followed by H.E. Saeed bin Hamad A Saadi, representative of Al Suwaiq, as the Second Deputy Chairman with 54 votes from the total number of votes.

The election took place during the the extraordinary public sitting held by the Shura Council on Sunday to elect a Speaker and two Deputy Chairmen from among its 86 members for the Ninth Term (2019-2023), based on the Royal Order of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, and pursuant to Article 58 bis (12) of the Basic Statute of the State, which states: “The Shura Council shall convene upon an invitation by His Majesty the Sultan in an extraordinary sitting, prior to the first sitting, for the purpose of electing its Chairman and two Deputies to the Chairman for a duration identical to its term. The member oldest in age shall chair this meeting. If the seat of any of them falls vacant, the Council shall elect a replacement until the end of its term. In all cases, the election shall be by direct secret vote and the absolute majority of the members of the Council.”
His Excellency the Secretary General then invited the oldest member, who is not desirous of running for candidacy, to assume the presidency of the extraordinary sitting, assisted by the two youngest members who are not desirous of running for candidacy, based on Article (93) of the Internal Regulations of the Council which stipulates that:
“The eldest member shall preside over the extraordinary sitting and shall be assisted in the sitting’s procedures by the two youngest members who are not desirous of running for candidacy. The eldest member may relinquish chairmanship of this sitting to the second eldest member. If more than one have the same age, a lot shall be drawn between them. Their assignment shall be completed upon election of the Chairman.”
The extraordinary sitting was chaired by H.E. Abdullah bin Hussein bin Salim, representative of Salalah, and was assisted by the youngest members: H.E. Nasser bin Sultan Al Habsi, representative of Al Mudhaibi and H.E. Abdullah bin Salim Al Junaibi, representative of Al Jazer.
During the sitting, the Chairman and two deputies took the oath before the other members who then started taking the oath. The oath shall be taken as per Article 58 bis (20) of the Basic Statute of the State which stipulates that: The members of the State Council and Shura Council shall swear in a public meeting, each before his respective Council, and prior to assuming his duties in the Council, the following oath:
 “I swear by Allah the Almighty to be faithful to my Sultan and my Country, to honour the Basic Statute of the State and the applicable Laws, to preserve the safety of the State, the fundamental constituents of the Omani Society and its inherent values, and to perform my duties in the Council and its Committees faithfully and honestly.”
It is worth to mention that the voting process was conducted electronically by direct secret ballot, through a device made for this purpose.
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