Shura to hold the 15th Ordinary Sitting  

09 Jun 2019

Secretary General of the Council:
The Shura Council will discuss the Draft Law on Privatization and Draft Law on Public-Private Partnership (PPP).
H.E. Sheikh Ali bin Nasser Al-Mahrouqi, Secretary General of the Shura Council said that the Council will hold its 15th Regular Sitting of the Fourth Annual Session (2018-2019) of the Eighth Term on Monday, 10 June 2019.
He explained that the Council will the reports of the Economic and Financial Committee of the Council on the two draft laws, which were forwarded by the Government as a matter of urgency as per Article 58 (bis) (38) of the Basic Statue of the State, which stipulates: “Draft Laws of an urgent nature shall be referred by the Council of Ministers to the Shura Council which shall make a decision for its approval or amendment within a maximum period of one month from the date of referral; the Shura shall then refer the same to the State Council which shall make a decision for approval or amendment within a maximum period of fifteen days from the referral date. The Chairman of the State Council shall submit the same to His Majesty the Sultan along with the opinion of the two Councils.”
The discussion of the two Draft Laws comes after a number of meetings held by the Economic and Financial Committee and the Legislative and Legal Committee to study the two Draft Laws in terms of legislative drafting in line with the current and future stage, as well as the legal and economic considerations appropriate to the environment and nature of the Omani economy. The committee has also hosted a number of specialists from the concerned authorities to discuss the two Draft Laws.
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