Shura to meet in an Extraordinary Sitting

30 Oct 2019


According to the Royal Order of His Majesty the Sultan and pursuant to Article (58) bis (12) of the Basic Statute of the State, the Shura Council will meet in an extraordinary sitting to elect its Chairperson and two Deputies on Sunday, November 3.


On this occasion, His Excellency Sheikh Ali bin Nasser Al Mahrouqi, Secretary General of the Shura Council, expressed his outmost gratitude and appreciation to His Majesty who attaches great importance to the Omani Shura institutions. He also expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Ministry of Interior for its tangible efforts and good preparation and organization of the electoral process, which was reflected in the success of the elections of the Ninth Term. He stressed that the General Secretariat of the Council has prepared the agenda of the meeting and prepared for it previously to ensure it success. Al-Mahrouqi added that this procedural step comes pursuant to Article No. 58 bis (12) of the Basic Statute of the State, which regulates the procedures of the extraordinary sitting. The Internal Regulations of the Council also stipulates the procedures of the extraordinary sitting in Rules 91 to 98.

The Secretary General of the Shura Council said that the Ninth Term of the Council is witnessing an increase in the number of members, one more member from the Wilayat of Liwa joined the Council. The current term witnesses the election of 86 members; two women, 55 new members and 31 re-elected members. He also pointed out that 5 members have previous experiences in the Council as they were members in the 7th Term.

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