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Shura Council's Bureau discusses rising cost of vehicles in Oman and reviews the Educational Committee report

11 Jun 2019

Shura Council's Bureau reviewed during its meeting a number of important topics including the statement of H.E. the Undersecretary of Commerce and Industry that touched upon the matter of the rising cost of vehicles compared to neighbouring countries of GCC.
The Bureau also examined the report of the Educational and Research Committee that includes the study of forgetting school students in buses and the methodology followed by the Committee in studying this topic.

The Committee concluded its study with a number of recommendations; one of which is the importance of applying the Ministry's “Darb Al Salamah” project in all governorates of Oman as well as incorporating strict conditions of buses that adopt safety measures.

In addition, the Bureau discussed a number of topics within its agenda including ministerial responses to the Council regarding many parliamentary tools and measures sent by Members of Shura Council, as well as examining Wishes proposed by Members of the Council that included a range of developmental proposals.

The report of Services and Social Development also reviewed. This report focuses on a proposed Wish concerning the development of Al-Wafa Rehabilitation Centres for Disabled People, and includes the letter of Education and Research Committee with regard to the operational contract project for schools.

A number of oversight tools and members' letters were addressed by the Bureau; one of which was to review the proposal of localizing and qualifying teachers. The Bureau also examined the response of H.E. the Minister of Oil and Gas to the question addressed to him regarding borders of oil and gas pipelines between Muscat and Sohar.

The meeting discussed the response of H.E. the Minister of Manpower to the question regarding the proposed schedules for the academic faculties in Vocational Colleges and the Vocational College for Marine Science. In this regard, the Bureau decided to refer these reposes to its upcoming meeting and include it in the agenda.

In the external matter, the Bureau discussed the publication issued by the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union, which sheds light on the current Arab issues.
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