E-Participation Policy
The official portal of Majlis A’shura provides an opportunity for all segments of society to engage in a dialogue and interaction on all issues discussed by the Council and enable them to communicate electronically and submit their views, comments and suggestions.
Our main goal is to find an appropriate mechanism for dialogue and interaction with users of the portal, listen to their views and receive complaints and suggestions.
Our Commitment
We are committed to receiving, studying and responding to your participations with all care and attention. We will answer your inquires if they are related to the work of the Council. If they are related to other institutions, will forward your them to the competent authorities that will respond to your inquiries and comments. We expect you to act responsibly by refraining from expressing opinions, observations or comments that have no relevance to the content of the portal, inappropriate, or incompatible with the Omani culture. The infringing participation will be immediately deleted and excluded from the response.
Direct electronic participation Services

The official portal of the Majlis A’shura currently provides the following services for direct participatio

Social Media Networks:
  • Facebook: Have access to the latest news as they occur and participate in the discussion with other users.
  • Twitter: Receiving the tweets on time and forwarding them to the competent committees to respond to them.
  • YouTube: Watch the videos live on the portal and comment on them.
  • Surveys to measure users’ satisfaction: You can fill in and submit the survey at any time you deem appropriate.
  • The "Contact Us" service is placed in the portal page so that you can leave your comments, suggestions and comments.
  • Participate in the topics raised by the Council to know the different opinions and answers.

In addition to the above:
  • Your responses, whether complaints or suggestions, will be stored securely in our systems and will be carefully studied by our team.
  • Your comments and requests will be forwarded to those concerned to take the necessary action.
  • We will analyze and save all your participations we receive and will publish common questions that are of concern to all with our responses to the FAQ.
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